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Our Services

Account Holders

The safety deposit vaults are in a light, comfortable and air-conditioned environment.
Only named account holders are allowed access to the vault areas to ensure maximum security and privacy.

New Accounts

To open a new account at Birmingham Safety Deposit Limited the following requirements apply:

  1. To arrange a visit please telephone 0121 456 2627.
  2. When attending the appointment to open the account a Proof of Identity must be provided in the form of a current passport for each person on the account.
  3. A utility bill or bank statement that is less than 3 months old with the person's name and current home address.
  4. Birmingham Safety Deposit Limited will accept the payment for rental fees and renewals by Cash, Credit or Debit Card and Cheques.


Lost Keys or Broken Bolts

Lost keys or broken bolts may require the attendance of our specialist locksmith.

  • Cost of replacement locks £75.00
  • Cost of lock drilling £160.00
  • Cost of replacement bolt £35.00